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Rent a High-Powered Electric Scooter for the Walt Disney World Resort and Surrounding Areas

3 Wheel Electric Scooter


300 lb Weight Limit
Our electric Standard Scooters combine the perfect amount of balance,  performance, style, and comfort to give you enhanced mobility for the Orlando Disney World theme parks. They are easy to drive and maneuver and are especially ideal for driving in and around hotel resorts, large crowds, indoor rooms, restaurants, lobbies, and are able to be transported throughout the Disney shuttle buses. Furthermore, they have features that include a wraparound delta tiller for a comfortable hand grip that is ergonomically designed for comfort and comes equipped with a seperate off-board charger and a removable driver’s key. Prices per Day.

1. $49
2. $99
3. $139
5. $179

4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Heavy Duty

400 lb Weight Limit
The Heavy Duty model is similar to our Standard unit but comes with an additional reinforced body frame which supports an extra 100 lbs. Its extra long-lasting batteries and added versatility provide a great option for scooting around, whether your destination is Epcot, Disney, Kissimmee, or anywhere else. Providing dependable electric scooting power and a comfortable memory foam cushioned seat, the Heavy Duty ECV is a great choice for all day use. If you’re looking for a mobility scooter that offers style and comfort in one, the Heavy Duty electric scooter has both. Prices per Day.

1. $65
2. $135
3. $165
5. $189

3 Wheel Bariatric ECV


500 lb Weight Limit
Engineered specifically for the bariatric community, our Extra Heavy Duty model has excellent comfort, smoothness, shock absorption, and speed. Giving a top of the line scooting performance, its superior design is unmatched in quality and performance. It has a top speed of 5.25 mph, an adjustable front tiller, and a comfortable cushion seat. Other features include high-intensity LED lighting package, directional signals, front basket, and a backlit battery gauge. Prices per Day.

1. $85
2. $149
3. $199
5. $255

4 Wheel Transportable ECV


300 lb Weight Limit
The Transportable Scooters can easily disassemble and fit in the trunk of any mid-size sedan or vehicle. It breaks apart into five separate pieces, allowing its’ user to take with and travel throughout all the fun spots in Orlando, FL. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this is convenience and mobility in one. Prices per Day.

1. $49
2. $99
3. $149
5. $179

Drive a Mobility Scooter Around Disney

Available for the Disney World Theme Park and all Surrounding Areas

Disney World, FL

Easy to sign up…… they can deliver it to the hotel you’re staying at with a days notice. Can take the scooter into your hotel room. Instructions are given to charge and take care of the unit. Easy to drive and move around. Made getting around Disney complex much more enjoyable. Also gets you moved to the front of the line on some rides when you have a scooter. I’d get a scooter from One Stop Mobility the next time I’m in the Disney complex.

Chris Puckett

Standard Scooter Rented

I loved my scooter. So easy to drive and stopped on a dime. It was waiting for us at the hotel. I was afraid I couldn’t handle it but I had no problems. Got pretty good at backing into elevators, turning around and zipping down ramps.

Evelyn Knowles

Heavy Duty Scooter Rented

FREE Delivery & Pickup

Long-Lasting Scooter Batteries

Comfortable For All Day Use

Available For Local Areas


Off-Board Charging Kit Included

Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom


We have been servicing and renting electric scooters for over a decade now and have ECV mobility carts of all sizes at a reasonable cost for you and the family. These scooters have long-lasting batteries built in so that you can travel to all the fun areas inside the theme park, without any issues.

Witness the fun of all the magic in Orlando by exploring all major theme parks and attractions. Attractions like the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and more!

With our electric scooter rentals, you can travel to all these locations and more and rent for as many days as you like. Rates are not estimated on a “per day basis” but rather are discounted for you with the inclusion of additional days. With free delivery and pickup rates, as well as flexible scheduling, our aim is to ensure you have the best experience possible for your upcoming planned vacation.

Reserve online with the online request form below or call today to speak with a representative for immediate assistance over the phone, and let One Stop Mobility be your one and only One Stop Mobility Shop for Disney World Orlando!

Make an ECV Reservation

Rent an ECV by filling out the online request form below and a One Stop Mobility representative will get back to you shortly to answer any questions you may have and to finalize the booking with your preferred payment information.

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FREE Delivery and Pickup

For all local Hotels and Residences

Available For all Surrounding Locations

Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom

Disney World Destinations

Magic Kingdom

Regular Business Hours: 9am – 8pm

Opening Date: October 1st, 1971

Size: 107 acres

Scooter Friendly: Yes

Known as the most magical place on earth, the Magic Kingdom will entice you to explore lands of endless enchantment and excitement, filled with fun entertainment and adventure for the entire family. You won’t possibly be able to see all the cool tours, attractions, venues, characters, and fun rides it has to offer so choose your itinerary carefully.

The Magic Kingdom Park is the most visited theme park in the world and is truly second to none at hosting all its visitors throughout the year. The fireworks and ambiance you will experience throughout the park are simply amazing. Furthermore, you will be delighted at the endless food options there are for any diet and lifestyle you may have. Walt Disney World is extremely accommodating in this aspect and sets the bar high with its many exquisite options.

Splash Mountain and Space Mountain are Disney World classics that are guaranteed to not disappoint, along with other such as the Haunted MansionJungle CruisePirates of the CaribbeanTomorrowland Speedway, and much more! Our ECVs can allow you and your crew to travel safely and comfortably to all these fun locations and more with your family. Reserve one today!


Regular Business Hours: 9am – 9pm

Opening Date: October 1st, 1982

Size: 300 acres

Scooter Friendly: Yes

The Epcot Center (Now simply referred to as Epcot), opened in 1982 and stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It is owned and operated by Walt Disney and is over 300 acres in size (More than twice the size of the Magic Kingdom theme park).

The park is dedicated to features and attractions that showcase technological advances in areas such as communication, transportation, space exploration, and much more. For example, Mission: Space replaced the long-standing Horizons attraction, which largely showcased the role of technology when it came to shaping mankind’s future.

Epcot is divided up into two main sections: Future World, and World ShowcaseFuture World has a wide variety of showcases and attractions that offer science and technology at the forefront of many of its self-contained areas. The World Showcase offers a glimpse into several different countries from around the world with each dedicating architecture, landscape, worldly customs, and more to highlight the current world’s brevity.

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