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300 lb Weight Limit
Rent a Disneyland scooter rental in Anaheim, CA. Our standard scooters have the perfect balance of performance, style, and comfort for the Disney Theme Parks. Their easy maneuverability and tight steering capabilities make it easy to drive in and around the Anaheim crowds, hotel rooms, restaurants, lobbies, and even shuttle buses. Furthermore, they have features that include a wraparound delta tiller for a comfortable grip that is ergonomically friendly and comes equipped with an off-board charger and a removable driver’s key.

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Heavy Duty

400 lb Weight Limit
The Heavy Duty Scooter comes with a reinforced body frame that supports an additional 100 lbs compared to our Standard Scooter model. Its added versatility allows you to scoot around without any problems, lag, or trouble. Be sure to use for the Disney California Adventure Theme Park, because if you’re looking for a mobility scooter that offers both style and comfort, the Heavy Duty has both without having to sacrifice convenience over power.

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500 lb Weight Limit
Developed for the bariatric community in mind, the Extra Heavy Duty Scooter can provide both excellent comfort and superior performance for a smooth and easy going ride. It has a top speed of 5.25 mph, an adjustable front tiller, and a comfortable cushion seat. Other features include high-intensity LED lighting package, directional signals, front basket, and a back-lit battery gauge.

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300 lb Weight Limit
The Transportable Scooters can easily disassemble and fit in the trunk of any mid-size sedan or vehicle. It breaks apart into five separate pieces, allowing its’ user to take with and travel throughout all the fun spots of Anaheim, CA. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this is convenience and mobility in one.

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Rent a Mobility Scooter near Disneyland

Available for the Theme Park and all Surrounding Areas

You can rent an ECV (Electric Convenience Vehicle) for the day to use at the Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure Park, as well as all the surrounding areas, with no deposit required. Rates are not estimated on a per-day basis but rather are discounted and customized for you personally depending on how many days you will need it.

We are open Monday-Sunday and offer free delivery and pickup to all the major hotels and resorts close to Disneyland in Anaheim. These include on-site resorts, as well as vacation rental properties.

These electric scooters are handicap and mobility safe for all users 18 years of age and over. They are perfect for anyone who might have trouble walking around Anaheim all day. They’ll scoot you around everywhere you need to go without any worries or problems. So plan ahead for your next Disney vacation by filling out the online form below to request a scooter reservation and let One Stop Mobility be your next Mobility Solution for Anaheim, CA.

The first day I was in Disneyland, I rented from Disney itself. Unfortunately, I had to leave the scooter there every time I left the park, thereby hobbling back to the hotel or to lunch across the street from Disneyland. With Scooter and wheelchair rentals, I was able to go in and out of the park and even to my hotel with the scooter, and the night before I left Anaheim, I was able to leave the scooter at my hotel and They picked the scooter up themselves from my hotel. The scooter had much more power than the one I rented at Disneyland. I would use them again and again. Thanks.

Kirsten was very helpful. Scooters were amazing  more nimble than the scooters at Disneyland. And cheaper! CALL THESE PEOPLE!!! Can’t say enough good things.

Kate Smith

Located at the Camelot Inn & Suites Hotel

Our store is on the Camelot property just past the front main lobby entrance

One Stop Mobility is your One Stop Anaheim Scooter Rental Shop. Located directly across the street from Disneyland, we have been servicing and renting Anaheim scooter rentals at the Camelot Inn & Suites Hotel for over a decade now and have ECV carts of all sizes at a reasonable cost to you and the family.

These ECV carts have long-lasting batteries so that you can travel to all the fun spots around Anaheim, without having to worry about being restricted to using only inside the park. With our Disney ECV rentals, you have complete control over them and can take wherever you like.

My husband and i have been renting here for almost a year.. i have never met such a great group of people.. and the prices are AWESOME!!!
Michaela Gagnon

Fast friendly and knowledgeable. Saved my Disneyland vacation.
Neil M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a scooter at Disneyland?

The cost is $49 for one day and $46 per day for the duration of a 3-day scooter rental inside Disneyland. The rental rates get discounted the longer the duration of the rental. No deposit required.

Are scooters allowed in Disneyland?

Yes. Mobility scooters such as ECVs are allowed inside the Disneyland park. A limited number are available for rent inside the park on a first-come serve basis. Alternatively, One Stop Mobility rents ECVs that can be used all over Disneyland, inside and outside the park.

How much do you charge for delivery and pickup?

We offer free delivery and pickup to all the surrounding hotels for Disneyland in the Anaheim area. We also can arrange a delivery to be made to local residential homes in the Anaheim, CA region.

Are you inside Disneyland?

We are inside the Camelot Inn and Suites Hotel, just across the street from the front main entrance of the park, on S. Harbor Blvd, between Mcdonalds and the Tropicana Inn & Suites.

We’re the closest Disneyland scooter rental company outside of the park that allows its’ users to drive around Anaheim, in addition to the inside of the Disney Park.

How do I rent an ECV?

Renting a high-powered ECV with One Stop Mobility is easy. Simply call us at (714) 533-1444 to make a reservation or fill out the online request form below, and an OSM representative will get back to you to finalize the booking with your preferred payment information.

The online form is a scooter request form that is submitted to our rental agents for finalization. In order to guarantee the rental, we will need to process the booking with a verified credit card that can be given over the phone.

Our rental agents will call the phone number on file submitted in the reservation form to finalize the booking for you, or you can call us directly to book.

How long do the scooter batteries last?

The batteries in our scooters are high quality, sealed lead-acid batteries, and give the average user a driving range of up to 12-15 miles. There are several different factors that determine how long the batteries will last, such as the users’ height and weight, the driving surface, terrain, if the scooter is fully charged or not, etc. 

Charging the night before is of the utmost importance so as to ensure a proper drive range for the day. The biggest complications with scooters occur when the user fails to have it fully charged and ready to go for the next day. As long as the batteries are fully charged and maintained, you’ll be good to go for your Disney adventures. Our recommended charging time is between 8-10 hours if fully depleted, or until the green light indicator on the charging unit turns on. We recommend charging the scooter the night before in your hotel room before use each day.

Can I drive the scooter in the rain?

No. The scooter cannot be driven in the rain, as water will cause electrical issues with the scooter, and can possibly leave you stranded in the rain. Our recommendation would be to keep the scooter out of the rain until the weather clears up.

Can I take the scooter outside the park?

Absolutely! During your rental period, you have full control to take your scooter anywhere you like for the allotted days that you are renting.

What brands are your scooters?

Our ECVs are manufactured by Pride Mobility. We offer a wide variety of models from them to rent like the Victory scooters, the Go-Go series, and the Maxima lineup. We have been renting their scooters for years because they are durable and long-lasting, and give the best driving performance across the board for all mobility scooters.

Are the scooter specs all the same?

Scooter specifications may vary slightly based on each model and available inventory. For example, you may see pictured under our standard scooter section a 3-wheel, red, standard scooter, and then order the standard scooter, thinking that’s what you will get. However, this does not necessarily mean you will receive a 3-wheel, red, standard scooter.

We may rent a 4-wheel, blue, standard scooter, for instance. It all depends on the available rentals we have in stock at the time. If you would like a specific wheel version of a scooter, you may put in a request but we cannot guarantee. However, we will always do our best to accommodate your requests and needs. Just simply let us know. But please keep in mind, One Stop Mobility reserves the right to rent out different models with similar specs, based on what is currently available for rent.

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