Rent a Wheelchair for Disneyland in Anaheim, CA


Prices Per Day:
1. $35
2. $49
3. $79
5. $109

Rent a Disneyland wheelchair rental in Anaheim, CA. Our standard size wheelchairs are manufactured through Invacare and are the same type of wheelchairs you will see commonly used for hospitals. Our standard size supports up to 250 lbs and comes equipped with detachable leg rests for easy transportation. Additional features include padded wheel brake locks, vinyl seating, easy grip push handles, and padded armrests.

250 lb Weight Limit

Heavy Duty

Prices Per Day:
1. $55
2. $69
3. $95
5. $115

The Heavy Duty features a reinforced carbon steel frame for additional support, carrying up to 450 lbs. With a long-lasting shelf life expectancy, it is sure to give you the added comfort you need for traveling around Anaheim. These also can fit in the back of any mid-size vehicle, making this a great selection for traveling around the Disney Adventures.

450 lb Weight Limit

Standard Electric Powerchair

Prices Per Day:
1. $65
2. $129
3. $159
5. $195

If you prefer to have electronic controls, our standard size electric powerchair is equipped with long-lasting batteries, a seatbelt, a joystick, and a footrest. Built and designed to have an easy turning radius and easy maneuverability controls, our powerchairs are an excellent choice for getting around.

300 lb Weight Limit

HD Electric Powerchair

Prices Per Day:
1. $115
2. $175
3. $205
5. $235

For additional weight support and carry over, our state of the art Heavy Duty electric power wheelchairs combines safety with comfort. With these powerchairs, you will get a tight turning radius, easy steering, and heavy duty power control all in one. The all-around performance capabilities make these chairs a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

350 lb Weight Limit

One Stop Mobility

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Long-Lasting Powerchair Batteries

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One Stop Mobility is your #1 Wheelchair Rental Company in Anaheim for a Disneyland Wheelchair Rental. We provide our own wheelchair rentals outside of Disneyland’s own services for guests with disabilities.

These wheelchairs have the added convenience of being able to be rented for both inside and outside use of the Disney Park. You can take with you anywhere you like and are not limited to using just inside the park like you are with Disneyland’s services. We have been renting wheelchairs for over a decade now in Anaheim, and have chairs that are available for all sizes at a reasonable cost to you and the family.

Furthermore, our electric wheelchairs have long-lasting batteries so that you’ll be able to travel to all the fun areas around Anaheim, which of course can include Disneyland itself. However, you aren’t just limited to using inside the park. With our wheelchair rentals, you can go anywhere you like in Anaheim. Many just choose to use them inside of Disneyland, but you can certainly use wherever you go for your stay in Anaheim, CA.

Rates are not the same for every day but rather are discounted and customized for you personally so that we can give you the best deals for Disneyland wheelchair rentals. Reserve a wheelchair today. No deposit required.

Customer Testimonials

“Amazing easy, helpful and transparent. Full confidence in their business. Right across the street from the park and they made it super easy…we rented for a full week and they were helpful and went above and beyond to ensure we had an easy and flawless experience.” Mattew Morton

Standard Electric Powerchair Rented

“I have been coming to One Stop Mobility for years, since having Some health issues. Ever since the First year, Summer actually remembered me, made the process Easy, accurate….. This year was even nicer with door To door svc. Made my trip so nice. Means a you guys Thanks.” Margi Patnaude

Standard Wheelchair Rented

“The equipment itself was a HUGE win for us, as it allowed us to spend the whole day at Disneyland w/ no fatigue problems. The joystick on the powerchair was really sensitive and it took some getting used to, but other than that it was amazing.” Chris Ko

Standard Electric Powerchair Rented

“Recently my father was diagnosed with cancer and the treatments were making him extremely weak. I was looking to rent a wheelchair so that he could move around and be able to have some control over what is going on. I contacted One Stop Mobility and an electronic wheelchair was delivered only one day after I ordered and I was so grateful….. It’s so nice to know that there are people that care and sympathize and have compassion for people like me who have been burdened by overwhelming expenses. Amazing company and people to work with. Thank you.” Anet Hartunian

Heavy Duty Electric Powerchair Rented

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