Puerto Rico took a tremendous amount of damage from the recent hurricanes. After Hurricane Maria decimated the island nation, leaving residents without access to power, clean water, or food, many people from across the world have jumped in to help.

For their fellow American citizens, Orlando, FL has been going above and beyond. The Orlando relief work has helped thousands to recover after losing their homes to the hurricane, making sure they can go back to normalcy.

Between helping refugees and sending supplies to Puerto Rico, they have been doing everything they can to make sure that the residents have what they need. Hundreds receive help every day in Orlando, and many more benefit from the supplies citizens send over to them.

Refugee Assistance

Thousands of people had to evacuate Puerto Rico due to the hurricane. The damage and risk to life were so severe that many could not return home, even if they had a home still standing.

Leaving Puerto Rico, though, meant they had to find homes elsewhere, in other parts of the country. As American citizens, it is easier for them to find homes across the country, but it is still an enormous task.

There were thousands of people leaving this small island nation. They needed somewhere to go. Orlando, seeing the struggle these families and individuals faced, opened up their doors to them. They began assisting refugees and finding them homes.

Programs in Orlando began helping Puerto Ricans find homes as they traveled to this city. Hundreds a day are going through and receiving help, with thousands already in new homes in the city. Officials expect the numbers to reach over 100,000 by the time all of this finishes up.

The people behind the Orlando relief work are not going to give up anytime soon. They see that these citizens are in dire need of help and they are not going to give up until everyone has found some stability.

Most likely, this is where a lot of the Puerto Ricans are going to remain. Due to the extensive damage to the island, many refugees have nowhere else to go. Orlando has become their new home, and they are likely going to remain there.


Like many other areas of the country and globe, citizens stepped up to help. Realizing that their fellow citizens and fellow humans were hurting, they collected and sent over supplies. They sent clothes, baby goods, food, water, and other essential goods.

Citizens did what they could. The items and money they sent over have helped significantly, making sure that the people of Puerto Rico are able to survive during these times.

It is not just the citizens, though, that are responsible for this. The city itself has been a major player in getting together the donations and sending them over to Puerto Rico. They have made sure that everything goes well for these people.

The city worked together with Puerto Rico to create specific drop off points. These are points that anyone could go and donate to. They took all types of emergency goods that the citizens of Puerto Rico needed badly, sending it over as soon as possible. Many were already previously handicap or had some type of preexisting illness or condition. So when the donated supplies were sent, many were extremely grateful for the support.

They also helped to collect financial donations, which assisted in bringing the people fresh food and water, as well as rebuilding.

Together, these donations have made survival and rebuilding a real possibility for Puerto Rico.

Working Together

The Orlando relief work is also thanks to Puerto Rico and HOLA, the Hispanic Office for Local Assistance.

HOLA was responsible for a large amount of the work. They are the ones who handled most of the refugee cases, bringing people in and helping them get started.

They also offered bilingual services to make transitioning into Florida easier for individuals who only spoke English.

HOLA workers have been tirelessly assisting those in need, making sure that the Puerto Ricans received every bit of care they need during this time.

The Orlando relief work has made a huge impact in the lives of thousands. With so many in need of new homes and supplies, they have stepped up and did what they could. Orlando, with HOLA and others, has helped thousands of citizens to find peace during this hectic time.