Have you been to the Phoenix Convention Center yet? Whether you’re running a business and looking for a place to hold your meetings, or are a tourist on the look for the next big adventure and trying to find an event, this might just be best the place for you!

Located at the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, the center is just four miles away from Sky Harbor International Airport making it easily accessible to both the travelers and the locals. There are also hundreds of hotels near the airport and the convention center that you can access according to your preferences.

Business Venues

The convention center boasts of several meeting halls where you can hold business meetings in a professional but relaxed environment. It also has space to exhibit where it has held trade fairs and other events, giving you a platform to showcase your services or products to a very diverse population including travelers from all over the world as well as those who live nearby. The center has hosted several exhibiting events and business meetings to date.

Sporting Events

All work and no play makes one dull, and the convention center’s location ensures that even those there for business have other activities to keep them happy and energetic. Not more than five minutes away from the center, you will be able to get a major sports arena. Catch a game of Football or NBA among others in the sports facilities close by as you’ll get to experience live sports action. This should get your mind off work for a while and leave you feeling refreshed, excited and achieved.

Food Options

If you’re a foodie then downtown Phoenix will be your own little heaven on earth. On your way to the Phoenix Convention Center, you will be exposed to many amazing restaurants and eateries, including food trucks that will provide you with an array of foods to choose from. We recommend Food Truck Friday. Take the light rail to Central and Pierce every Friday from 11:00am to 1:30pm and have some of Phoenix’s best local street food. Feeling a bit like you want to try some exotic ethnic foods? Find different kinds of foods like Jamaican dishes, Mexican, and even Thai cuisine all in restaurants close to the center. And when you want something more conventional like some pizza, a burger and fries or a sandwich, you can get them here as well.

Art Shows

The center boasts of very artistic architecture. It has unique designs including the slot canyon design on the main entrance and some really cool textures on the floors all over the convention. Furthermore, the convention offers theaters where you can watch comedies, musicals and other forms of art such as the classics at Symphony Hall. Join the Art Walk held every first Friday of the month and get to interact with the locals and view galleries with different works of art to satisfy your artistic side.

Getting There

Going to the convention center is so easy with it being within four miles of the Sky Harbor International Airport. From the airport, you can simply take the Metro which has several dedicated stops for the Phoenix Convention Center to make your transport there easier. You can also get a taxi there, all at your own convenience. The place is easy to navigate, and to get to the different places easily, you can also rent a scooter. One Stop Mobility offers affordable rates for Phoenix Convention scooter rentals, and you can use them to navigate both the center and the areas surrounding it.

Disability Accommodations

The PHX Convention Center is also conscious of people with disability and works to ensure ease in accessibility and navigation for people of all types. There are power assisted doors at both the front of the North, South, and West buildings. Service animals are welcome and permitted on location as stipulated by the Department of Justice, and Americans with Disabilities Act. Also, it uses large print materials and works with event organizers to provide sign language interpreters and any other special needs as required. All in all, the center is an all-in-one kind of facility that is a must-see for anyone planning to visit downtown Phoenix.

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