There are specific requirements parents have when deciding to purchase a double stroller. Nobody knows this better than families having two kids to consider.

As we all know, ordering two separate strollers could weigh down on the budget. But if you had only one stroller which functions as two, then things will be lighter.

The most appealing double stroller in the market today for a parent on a budget is the Baby Jogger Mini GT Double, in our opnion of course. It’s one of the primary reasons we use these strollers for our customers to rent and use.

The improvements of the Stroller has added to the general comfort which Baby Jogger is known for. The company listened to the feedback of their customers that said the City Mini need to have more comfortable back support so that children could sit more upright.

Baby Jogger responded to that by putting a PE board which does indeed now provide the extra support required.

Also, the City Mini has a fitted upright strap that pulls the rear of the baby jogger’s seat forward.

Every Baby stroller is created from 2 percent TPU material, 43% polyester, 47% nylon, and 8% polyurethane foam. This mixture is essential in cases of any emergency.

Now, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double features a quick, convenient folding mechanism (just lift up the strap) which makes it one of the easiest and fastest systems in the entire industry to fold.

This will make it very easy for transportation and storage. The Baby City Mini Double can easily be modified thanks to it is universal mounting brackets that allow you to change your baby stroller with just the simple push of a button.

You can remove or add accessories, and since the bracket is really universal among the range of the baby jogger, you can get and use accessories from entire lineup of the City Mini series.

Now, this is beneficial because as the child grows the kind of add on’s like belly bars, car seat adapters, and child trays can be transferred in case you decide to upgrade at a later time.

Available in black, purple, green and grey, crimson and grey, stone and black, and orange and grey, there is a color for everybody.

Features Of The Baby Jogger Mini City GT Double

  • One step quick mechanism of folding
  • The PE board that aids in supporting the posture of the child
  • The wheels are quick release, lightweight, 8″ diameter as well as have suspension to have a smoother ride
  • The two front wheels swivel available for total control and could be locked in case of distance strolling
  • Both seats can easily be reclined to a nearly horizontal position
  • The being able to modify or offer the double stroller a kind of custom appearance thanks to its universal mounting bracket
  • Sun canopies that can be set to diverse positions
  • The seats are properly padded seats with a top weather cover for protecting your child from any element
  • The Baby City Mini weighs only 23 lbs
  • Ample storage on the seating spot and behind the seat as well
  • Rear parking brake
  • Equipped with adjustable five-point safety harnesses
  • 100 lb weight limit

Baby Jogger City Mini double Reviews

This stroller scored high across the board having an average 4.8 stars from the 20 reviews by the customers we found online.

Among the many customer comments found on their website from ones that have purchased it, they seemed very satisfied and happy with this model.

Among the many positive reviews that you can find on Baby Jogger’s page, the consensus seemed to be the same for all. They stated that it was well constructed and very sturdy; and that it was very lightweight which made it easy to lift in and out of the car.

The only issue customers seemed to have had with the stroller is that the basket which is underneath the baby stroller is a bit hard to access.

Overall though, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT has the entire attributes you’ll need and expect to find for an excellent stroller. It’s made by a very reliable company and has already been improved and updated over the past models making this an excellent choice for your children. Aside from your access to the basket every customer highly recommends this baby stroller to others.