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Your #1 Stroller Rental Company in Anaheim for a Disneyland stroller rental. We have been renting strollers for over a decade now in Anaheim, and have strollers that are available in both single and double seats. These strollers are highly durable and equipped with an overhead sun shade to protect your children from being in the sun all day inside of Disney.

Many choose to use our stroller rentals specifically for use inside of Disneyland. However, you aren’t just limited to using inside the park. With our push chairs, you can take them anywhere you like in Anaheim. Many simply just choose to pick up from our office and then walk to the main park entrance from there. But feel free to take the strollers with you anywhere you like throughout Anaheim because you won’t find better rates in town! Guaranteed!

Rates are not the same for every day you rent but rather are discounted with additional carry over day. At One Stop Mobility, we strive to give you the best deals for a Disneyland stroller rental.

Located Inside the Camelot Inn & Suites Hotel

5 Minute Walk From The Disney Front Gate Entrance

Rent a Pushchair Stroller for the Anaheim Magic Kingdom

Single Stroller

Double Stroller

Address: 1520 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802

Phone: (714) 533-1444

Office Hours: 7AM – 9PM, 7 Days a Week

Customer Support: 24/7

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Best & Affordable Prices In Anaheim


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Comfortable For All Day Use in the Park


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Best Stroller Rental Company In Town


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