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Rent a Push Chair Stroller for the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA

Single Stroller

65 lb Weight Limit
Rent a Disneyland stroller rental in Anaheim, CA. All of our strollers are lightweight and manufactured by Baby Jogger and offer the highest quality and comfort for your child. With a total product weight of 22.5 lbs, our single stroller has a 65 lb weight capacity and is guaranteed to be comfortable for your children while they’re inside the park. Its’ all-terrain wheels offer a smooth ride, and the storage area underneath gives you the option to also carry additional items for travel. Prices per Day.

1. $15
2. $25
3. $35
5. $49

Double Stroller

100 lb Weight Limit
For twice the fun, you can rent a double stroller instead. With a combined weight capacity of 100 lbs, the double seated push-chair can carry your children around no problem. It weighs only 32.5 lbs and is very easy to maneuver, making it an ideal choice for easy travels to and from the various attractions throughout the Disney Resorts. Prices per Day.

1. $25
2. $35
3. $45
5. $55

Rent a Disney Push Chair Stroller

Available for the Disneyland Theme Park and All Surrounding Areas

Disneyland, CA

Nice strollers for a decent price. 3 Day rental was $30. We picked one up in the morning on our walk to Disneyland and dropped it off on the last day on our way back to the hotel. Better than Disneyland strollers more space for storage. Directly across the street from Disneyland. The canopy was great for when our twelve month old needed a nap. You can get either a City Mini GT Single or City Mini GT Double if needed. Only thing I wish we had done was book before arriving because they can deliver the stroller to you. The delivery fee is $10.00 for Disneyland Area Hotels. We picked up from their location at the Camelot Hotel.

Nate Norman

Available in Different Colors

Disneyland, California

Easy to Fold Strollers

Comfortable For All Day Use

If you are in need of a Disneyland stroller rental and would prefer to rent from a trusted vendor outside of the theme park, One Stop Mobility is your One Stop Shop for stroller rentals. We are the closest stroller rental shop next to Disneyland and have been renting electric mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and strollers for over a decade now.

These strollers are highly durable and equipped with an overhead sunshade to protect your children from being in the sun all day inside of the Disneyland Destination.

Many choose to use our push-chairs specifically for use inside of Disneyland. However, you aren’t just limited to using inside the park.

With our strollers, you can take them anywhere you like in Anaheim. Many simply just choose to pick up from our office and then walk to the main Disney entrance from there.

But feel free to take with you anywhere you like throughout Anaheim because you won’t find better rates in town! Guaranteed! And if you need to rent for more than one day, simply let us know, because we give discounted rates for additional days. 

Located at the Camelot Inn & Suites

We are located inside the Camelot Inn & Suites Hotel – Directly Across the Street from the Disney entrance

Camelot Inn & Suites Hotel

Best place ever…. you can take in and out of the park. AND they pick it up from your hotel when you are done….. was useful outside the park. Highly recommended.


Inside the Camelot Inn & Suites Hotel

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5 Minute Walk From the Park

Directly Across the Street

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