The Baby Jogger Mini GT is one of the highly rated models right now for strollers. Parents like it for its ability to tackle all terrain roads, while still staying lightweight and compact.

The deep recline as well as travel system option lets you use it for children weighing up to 65 lbs.

Now, the maneuverability on Mini GT Single is excellent, even better compared to the regular model.

Many parents think that since it has (3) three wheels and is produced by Baby Jogger, it could be used for jogging. It is NOT a jogging baby stroller. This is a daily stroller that is good for power walking in a park or running errands.

It will tackle tougher terrain such as grass, mulch, or gravel much better than your regular model. When you fold, it’s very compact and can comfortably fit in even the smallest trunk.

We give this stroller five stars because of the adjustable handlebar, roomy seat, huge canopy, and the easiest fold you can have in the world.

However, if there were two changes that would need to improved on for future models, it would be to make the basket more slightly bigger, and the wheels as wheel. This would really allow it handle even the toughest of terain.

Mini GT Features

Adjustable handle

Now there are a lot of parents who are complaining about City Mini not getting an adjustable handle bar. GT model does. From the ground, GT model goes from 30 inches up to 42 inches.

Huge canopy

This sun canopy is big! It contains two peekaboo windows as well as three panels, which means that your baby will always have good sun protection. A great size canopy was part of the list of features for many when selecting a stroller.

One-hand recline

The stroller seat has one-hand recline run by a strap system. Now to recline your seat, you have to pull the clip which is attached to your strap, and it will go down and just stop where you want to stop. To bring back the seat, you’ll need both hands. It will go down to almost a flat position. Just put a baby into it beginning from 6 months. It’s not recommended for newborns.

Roomy seat

The City Mini GT Stroller’s seat is a bit larger than the City Mini model and even has more padding. It’s 14 inches wide and 26 inches high from the seat back to the top of its canopy. You can easily fit a very tall baby in it. Also, it is a deep seat having 10″ from the back seat to where the knees will bend. It has 11″ high for the leg drop.


The basket is ok. In the recent model, the basket curved the crossbar which makes it more accessible. However, it still takes some effort to get stuff in and out. You can easily access things from its sides.

Hand parking brake

Contrary to City Mini that has a foot brake, the Mini GT contains a hand brake which is situated on the side of the baby stroller. You only have to pull it up when locking the stroller. I love the hand brake because it’s flip-flop friendly as well as would not leave scratches on the shoes. With your hand brake, you may unlock the single stroller no matter the shoes you’re wearing.

Mesh window

As soon as you recline the seat, you’ll see a huge mesh window at the back that allows for better circulation of air to keep the child cool during a hot day. This especially comes in handy when renting a stroller with us for the Disneyland park, and you know you will be there for a number of hours. However, if the weather becomes cold, you can just cover it to make use of the material which is attached above your mesh.

5 point adjustable Paddle Harness

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT has an adjustable paddle harness that easily attaches to the back of your seat with small clips. Therefore, there’s no need for you to re-thread its straps for a taller child. The buckle is a bit tricky for a toddler. However, a three-year-old can unlock it, so you will want to keep your eyes on your children at all times inside the park.

This stroller is a must-have for every parent.