Changes and advancements are coming to both Disneyland and
Disney World in the near future. The Pixar and Star Wars franchises will soon enjoy a much larger presence in the park.

They will additionally enjoy tons of top-rated restaurants, classic hotels and exciting new attractions, which will all be added to the steadily developing Disney landscape.

Nevertheless, the modifications that are currently being made to the Disney Theme Park does not come without their corresponding costs. This is generally because older classic Disney attractions must at times make way for the new aspects.

For instance, fans have already been informed to leave both The Great Movie Ride and Disneyland’s Tower of Terror in the Disney epic world.

Disneyland Will Close the Screamin’ Coaster

The temporary and most contemporary change made in relation to the growth of Disney is the closure of the popular Disneyland’s California Screaming Coaster, which will temporarily be closing down on 8th January 2018.

A clearer explanation as to why the coaster will be closed is that by doing so they will pave way for the development of newer & advanced Disney features.

This thrill ride officially started in Anaheim in 2001 and is part of the Paradise Pier of the park. Equally, the park’s Paradise Pier will soon be transformed into the Pixar Pier, which will feature four different neighborhoods that will all center on Pixar film favorites.

But still, the screaming coaster will not be closed forever. It will instead be closed for around six months for the main purpose of creating room for transforming it into the Incredicoaster, which will be themed after The Incredibles.

What Is It That Is Expected To Happen By 2018?

Although the ride itself will continue to be largely the same, it will of course feature special effects and new scenes that are particularly ideal for the film

It will additionally feature updated ride vehicles. The launching of the newly remodeled screaming coaster is believed to be timed with the launch of “The Incredible (II) movie, which will happen on 14th June 2018. However,
the remaining part of the Pixar Pier is planned to be re-launched any time sooner.

The new Disney landscape will feature contemporary Pixar sculpture on the Mickey’s Fun Wheel gondolas, a “Toy Story” area around the current Toy Story Mania attraction, an “Inside Out” area and attraction, and an “Incredibles”-themed landscape.

The pier will be launched any day after or on 13th April 2018, which is the actual date that the Pixar Fest begins.

As much as fans do not wish to leave the California Screaming Coaster and its entirety, they have a little less than two months left to enjoy before it temporarily cloess.

The extended closure of the ride, together with the closure of other attractions and restaurants on the pier, can affect crowds and wait times all through the rest of the park. Fans are optimistic that the developments schedule to be made on the coaster will be completed quickly, and that it will be beneficial to the park.