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Road 2 Cali Scooter Rental
Road to California Power Wheelchair
Road 2 Cali Wheelchair Rental

One Stop Mobility is once again pleased to offer our equipment rentals for users who will be attending the 2022 Road To California Quilter’s Show Conference.

Hosted at the Ontario Convention Center, the 2022 Road To California Show will be the premiere Quilters Conference Showcase for quilt enthusiasts from all over the world. Enjoy a number of exhibits that feature antique, modern, and traditional art designs that are made from both local and international quilters. Rent an electric scooter for the upcoming show before we sell out, and let our equipment do the walking for you. Reserve your rental by filling out the online form or call us directly at (714) 533-1444 to place a reservation today.


  • We will be located at the South-East entrance in front of Room 107A.
  • *Scooters: $65/day For Standard Scooters Up To 275lbs
  • *Wheelchairs: Starting at $40/day For Standard Wheelchairs Up To 200lbs
  • *Power Wheelchairs: Starting at $85/day For Standard Powerchairs Up To 225lbs
  • Equipment Protection Plan: $10/day
  • ***NO REFUNDS – This will be a sold out event so reserved scooters are held. 


*Price quoted for our standard unit. For pricing on our heavy-duty models, please call for further assistance.

Road to California: January 19th-22nd, 2022

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